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Hey, I’m Cheryl!

I first began combining my love of delicious food with my loves for writing and photography a little over 12 years ago, making 40 Aprons a place for recipes that are not only ridiculously good but also good for you… for the most part.

My approach to food is simple. Recipes should be easy to make, taste amazing, and make the whole family happy.

I’m also a mom of 3, a certified yoga instructor, the president of a virtual assistant agency for bloggers, and the editor-in-chief behind 40 Aprons, Cheap Cheap Eats, and our third sister site, Easy Healthy Recipes. Be sure to check them all out!

What You’ll Find Here: Tasty Recipes That Won't Break the Bank!

Back in 2020, during the early days of lockdowns, when everyone was adjusting to all the uncertainty and insecurity that came with it, we shifted the focus of the recipes we put out on 40 Aprons. There was a clear need for cheaper, more budget-friendly recipes that made good use of pantry staples – pastas, rices, canned goods, etc. Not just that, but the recipes needed to be easy for families to get on the table AND they needed to be recipes the whole family would actually enjoy eating. We took the task seriously and in no time it became a real passion of ours to make delicious food affordable for all.

While lockdowns seem to be behind us now, the economic uncertainty and need for budget-conscious meals remains just as relevant.

Years ago, I wrote an eBook called “The Budget Gourmet” for 40 Aprons, complete with recipes and meal plans, etc. Cheap Cheap Eats is essentially “The Budget Gourmet” with a glow up.

Of course, cooking at home is almost always cheaper than eating out, so a budget-friendly recipe is useless if it’s not doable for the average cook! This is not a new approach to us, though; our two other sites focus on being achievable for the average person wanting to eat a healthy diet. 

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